40 Under Forty Awards


Moe Alaeddine (22)

Moe Alaeddine (22)

Moe Alaeddine is a recent graduate from the commerce program at Laurentian University specializing in marketing and entrepreneurship. He took a large interest in social entrepreneurship which has inspired him to launch different organizations and charity events in his community. He currently runs an organization that exposes children with autism to entrepreneurship and helps them start businesses or find employment. Moe also runs an annual fundraising competition that challenges university students to launch their own fundraisers. He is very passionate about travelling, fitness, playing football and has recently taken on an interest in graphic design. In his day to day, Moe is a development banker at the BDC and helps local entrepreneurs access the financing and advisory they need to grow their businesses.

Q: What is the number one thing you are working toward that you haven’t yet accomplished?
A: Host a TEDx

Q: What would be the theme song of your life?
A: The Imperial March

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: Having the ability to be entrepreneurial about the role. Self-marketing yourself, creating your own relationships and networking on your own means.

Q: Share something about yourself that others would be surprised to know.
A: Youngest commercial banker in Sudbury.

Q: What makes you proud to be a Sudburian?
A: Our land reclamation programs. Despite being the largest integrated mining complex in the world, with over 5000 km of mining tunnels, Sudbury is still one of the most vibrant and picturesque cities in Ontario.