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Alex Anawati (37)

Alex Anawati (37)

Dr. Anawati is an ER physician at HSN and collaborates with the Sudbury & Districts Nurse Practitioners Clinics to deliver healthcare to Sudbury’s inner-city populations. He is an Assistant Professor, Global Health Coordinator, and a member of the Board of Directors at NOSM. Dr. Anawati advocates for social accountability in medicine nationally with the CFPC’s Social Accountability Working Group and internationally represents NOSM on AMEE’s ASPIRE for Excellence in Social Accountability Panel. Recently, he helped highlight the need for social accountability at HSN in a call to action and now leads a team that will develop the tools to help achieve institutional social accountability.

Q: What is the number one thing you are working toward that you haven’t yet accomplished?
A: Apply the concept of social accountability to close the health equity gap in Northern Ontario through a unified vision that also reaches into the social and economic sectors that have an impact on health.

Q: What would be the theme song of your life?
A: (Good) hip hop inspires my social conscience. K’naan’s – Take a Minute or In the Beginning and Shad’s – Stone Throwers or A Good Name are just a few songs that are getting spins in my life lately. I have really enjoyed K’naan – Take a Minute.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job?
A: I love to teach at NOSM. It lets me inspire the bright MD minds of tomorrow today. I love being part of an exceptional team in HSN’s ED – it is truly amazing what we accomplish together in the ED at the most challenging and critical moments of people’s lives. I really enjoy my days helping the SDNPC take care of our city’s homeless. And, I love putting in time with others, who push the positive disruptive power of social accountability in medicine, from the local to the global point of view in our attempts to impact the bigger picture.

Q: Share something about yourself that others would be surprised to know.
A: Over the years, I have lived, learned or worked in every province and territory in Canada except Nunavut and Labrador.

Q: What makes you proud to be a Sudburian?
A: I am very proud that Health Sciences North stated its need to “Be Socially Accountable.” As far I know, they are the first hospital in the world to make that statement.  It’s pretty remarkable how other organizations have also responded positively to the idea of social accountability and are incorporating its principles. Sudbury is ready to disrupt the status quo and emerge as a leader in social innovation and I look forward to what can be achieved as we breathe more life into this idea.