40 Under Forty Awards


McGarry, Christine (33)

McGarry, Christine (33)

Christine is the labour relations and wellness specialist at Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, A Glencore Company. Fluently bilingual, she is a graduate of the Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa. She is the current chair of the Canadian Mental Health Association board of directors, and volunteers with United Way.

Q: What makes you happy about living in Sudbury?
A: Sudbury offers me a sense of community. It makes me happy that strangers will say “hello” as they pass by on the street. I was fortunate to learn and study in French and I am proud to raise my children in a Franco- Ontarian community. I am happy knowing my volunteer work; in particular my work with the Canadian Mental Health Association, is helping to improve community-based mental health programs and services that facilitate the wellbeing of all people in our community.

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment?
A: I am most proud of my two children who are my greatest teachers. My children have taught me to be courageous, to appreciate the little things, to nurture relationships, to play and to laugh every single day.

Q: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned?
A: “Honesty is the best policy.” It’s important to seek and expect the truth.

Q: What is your personal motto?
A: “Accept what you can’t change. Change what you can’t accept.”

Q: What advice would you give the other young leaders?
A: Join a board of directors. The leadership skills you learn while serving on a board are invaluable in professional development. You do not have to be at the peak of your career to be a valuable asset.